Can’t quit learning – part 1

In Walking the Bible, Bruce Feiler mentions that the “contemporary methods of learning” were “traveling, talking, and experiencing.” I have only read the first chapter of the book yet, but I have been eager to continue ever since a  a friend posted this quotation under one of my previous posts.

A couple of weeks ago, in french class, I had to write an essay in which I talked about myself; my life, desires, hopes, habits and fears.

Ma plus grande angoisse est d’arrêter d’apprendre, et devenez stupide, bête. Je pense que si je lire et apprendre quelque chose tous les jours, je serai bien et satisfait.

On my essay I talked about how much I fear becoming stupid, how I have the constant desire to learn, and that if I can read and learn something everyday, I will be pretty satisfied. And that brings me back to Bruce Feiler’s quotation.

My life for the past years has been a pretty good exemple of how the contemporary methods of learning work. Particularly when talking about self-knowledge. Every time I move away I get a new chance to not only work on my social behavior, understand and explore my points of view, but to also learn about my particular mental states, beliefs, desires, and sensations.

Moving is improving, at least so far.

  • Post’s photo: The view from Laura and Augustina’s cabin in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.
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20 thoughts on “Can’t quit learning – part 1

  1. bmdusekBarb says:

    You know, don’t you, that as you share your learning experiences we are all learning, too? Your impact is wider than you realize 🙂 Looking forward to what else I will learn through you!

    • Marcos C. says:

      I had thought about that when it came to my exchange student friends, but not with other people, so thank you, it does mean a lot 🙂
      At least I know that somehow I am paying back for all the help I’ve been getting from you guys!
      Thank you

  2. I love the photo too. I could imagine it ona Christmas card.

  3. I believe we have much in common Marcos! I’ll be back to see how your learning expereinces are going. All the best to you….incidentallearner

  4. You sound like such an adventurous and thoughtful young man. Keep cherishing these wonderful experiences you are having.

  5. whatthefwaah says:

    I really like this dude. Cool stuff.

  6. kamaltriloksingh says:

    //On my essay I talked about how much I fear becoming stupid//

    Well most of us are stupid, just different levels I guess….. the fear of becoming stupid is worse than actually being stupid….. learning through experiences especially traveling, interacting with other people is not only meaningful but also allows you to gain insight into how others learn from you and a the society as a whole….

    And well others have said it, so I am just repeating it I love the picture as well

    CHEERS 😉

  7. cazbag says:

    Nice photos. I’m a bit of a nomad too. From England and in the last month I’ve been in Hong Kong, New Zealand and now Australia. Still figuring out where I want to live, but enjoying every second of life (except maybe spending two hours blogging one post cos of the slooow connection.)

  8. Sony Fugaban says:

    I consider myself a philomath so I just want to say that I can’t also quit learning … BTW, can you translate that French sentence you you put there?

  9. itssrijana says:

    the quote is super awesome something i belive in 🙂

  10. Northern Narratives says:

    Nice post.

  11. Shawn Bird says:

    Une belle philosophie. Un séjour merveilleux en France, et je vous remercie de votre visite sur mon site aujourd’hui! Notre club héberge un étudiant en échange de la France. Salut!

  12. mobius faith says:

    Great thoughts. Love the photo!

  13. I liked the quote (translation in English). Good Post.

  14. Wonderful photo! Love Bariloche.

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