Can’t live without a fridge

45 days in and I finally managed to buy a fridge. Going without a fridge for that long wasn’t hard, but it sure didn’t make my life any easier.

What definitely helped was this very cold winter that has sat upon Europe this season. Not that I am complaining, this is nothing compared to Eastern Europe right now or Minnesota’s last winter. Thanks to unusual temperatures such as -10, -15 °(unusual for Bordeaux, of course) I was able to use my window as my fancy glass door mini fridge. Keeping ones food fresh has never been more fun.

That worked for a month, then it was just picnic weather and I was left with no place to put my food. So, I was fridgeless.

So I saw it as a time for desperate measures. I had to buy a fridge. Not expensive, but like everything here, I measure the amount of money spent on that as how much wine I could have gotten.


Not bad, at least I’ll keep my cheese fresh.

  • Photo’s post: My old, fancy and energy free, window fridge, and the one I just got.
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47 thoughts on “Can’t live without a fridge

  1. One has to get one’s priorities right!

  2. Great Post! Is was short, sweet and very funny. I love reading your blog.

  3. Love the equation of quantity of wine to value of purchase. Excellent post and good to have found your site.

  4. hehe “Not expensive, but like everything here, I measure the amount of money spent on that as how much wine I could have gotten.”

    So true 🙂

  5. orlando gustilo says:

    Ah, the pleasures of a simple life, of few ness of desires!

  6. bmdusek says:

    Oh, the sacrifices we must make. Wine? Fresh food? I hope you and your new fridge friend are bonding well, ha!

  7. rubybastille says:

    I’ve had to do the window/fridge thing a couple times on short trips – it worked well until we actually had to open the window and then some of our food fell out. Hostel life at its finest.

  8. Lost in France says:

    At least no, future bottles of white wine can be chilled

  9. billgrant43 says:

    Hi Carlos.

    I shall have to come back often to read of your exploits.

    Cheers. Bill.

  10. billgrant43 says:

    So Sorry for the typo Marcos. It has been a long day!

  11. So optimistic!!! I agree, for me the priority would be cold wine, storing the cheese lol 🙂 See, chocolate is a superfood, it’s wonderful regardless of the tempreature you store it in!!!

  12. EllaDee says:

    I’m impressed… that you managed for 45 days without a fridge, with your window fridge, with your commitment to wine, and by your clever post. 🙂 PS Later you can on sell the fridge & hustle someone else out of the equivalent of 20 litres of wine.

  13. Bee says:

    Congrats…now you can start stocking it with wine! 😉

  14. Purely.. Kay says:

    Well at least you have a fridge now. It is quite hard to live without one.. I hope you’re enjoying it 🙂

  15. Wine/fridge. Fridge/wine. Why must life always confront us with such perplexing choices?

  16. Ernest says:

    Glad to hear I am not the only one who counts $ spent compared to bottles of wine not attained. LOL.

  17. Sunny says:

    Hey Marco, Looks like you’re enjoying Bordeaux, which I will hopefully visit at some point this year 🙂 It’s nice to be out and about while you’re still young! Keep it up xx

  18. redbike92 says:

    i always want to live in snowy country 😀

  19. You were very creative!

  20. Just make sure the fridge doesn’t get out of control. Glad to hear about the cheese.

  21. Devon says:

    Amazing blog, I’m so glad to find it! Your travels sound like a lot of fun and adventure, including buying a fridge. I’m glad you can keep your food now without worrying about the window. I have to say, that was quite inventive!!

  22. Barbara says:

    LOVE your blog! Thanks for taking us all along on your adventures!

  23. great post and photos….I actually can live without one…of course that is, only when I go camping!

  24. Roxie says:

    wine and cheese, and more important a fridge to chill them both! great post and congrats on your purchase 😉

  25. hailtothenick says:

    Great Blog!

  26. unquiettime says:

    This is so true! I live in the Netherlands (expat here) and our fridge is so tiny. We have used the deck a few times in the winter too, when stuff just doesn’t fit. But it feels great to get by rather than spending the money, you know?

  27. Lovely post! Very funny! 😀

    If I left food in my window-sill for 2 mins, it will disappear. I don´t mean that people here are dishonest, but they are very “quick”. I see the French are very reliable.

  28. I was sad when I saw you’d been fridgeless 😦 But so pleased to see you are now with fridge. Love the calculation … must have fresh cheese! 🙂

  29. jamilah says:

    i remember being in london one time, when it was winter. we left the drinks outside on the ledge, and everything was fine.

  30. Hey Marco! I enjoy your blog. How oh How did you get so many followers? any hints? and Yes, i agree with the Wine Equation… i mean how can one even be creative about cooking without that glass of wine to suck on?

    • Marcos C. says:

      Hey, I always put my posts on facebook and other social networking websites, I guess that helps a lot actually! Right? Wine just makes everything so much better. haha

  31. Mel says:

    When I lived in St Andrews I tried leaving food out on my window sill, but the seagulls would steal everything. Not the end of the world when it’s a pot of yoghurt, but a hunk of good cheese on the other hand… Very upsetting!

    • Marcos C. says:

      Right? That would be so upsetting, and I understand it, there are so many pigeons here, I always left the shutters closed so that they wouldn’t dare to steal my cheese. It worked! haha

      • Mel says:

        Shutters are good for that! Sadly we didn’t have any… The one thing the seagulls couldn’t steal were bottles of wine. So we drank a lot of wine.

  32. Wealthfix says:

    Ah, a departure from this random currency at last! Why not use wine as a universal curency equivalent. At least there is a limited need for same language to transact. And if things go well for you , there’s the possibility of consuming wealth in the pursuit of enjoyment.

    Enjoy the rest of the trip

  33. Didem says:

    When I was living in university, I was living in a dorm with a couple of people and since our fridge wasn’t big enough we were also using the window fridge in the winter, you just need to be careful about the birds and cats:) I loved your authentic fridge btw!

  34. cyleodonnell says:

    Short, but poignant account! & I like the low-contrasted “washed out” look of these photos.

  35. demoncat4 says:

    guess you learned that some things like a fridge even a mini one are sooner or later a nessary other wise you are going to wind up having to live on just crackers and ceral and bread and penut butter and fruits with out one. mate nice post

  36. I stayed on a farm with great landscape views above Cannes and the Italian farmworker next door brought me first a bowl of green olives then showed me his photographs – of his fridge, his record player, his bedroom – a bit Van Goghish!
    I enjoyed your post – you come across as a really good guy, good writer!

  37. subtlekate says:

    Think of it as a great plae to store wine

  38. zelmAppesse says:

    Love your blog and your way of thinking. I wish more people thought like that.

  39. Frerichetix says:


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