Couldn’t have had better families

Família - Os Mendonça de Carvalho

Host Family #1 - The Lawells (August 24, 2009 / November 20, 2009)

Host Family #2 - The Ramsdales (November 21, 2009 - February 26, 2010)

Host Family #3 - The Duseks (February 27, 2010 - December 10, 2010)

Host Family #4 - The Bergs (December 11, 2010 - May 17, 2011)

Host Family #5 - The Petries (August 18, 2011 - December 15, 2011)

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24 thoughts on “Couldn’t have had better families

  1. mobius faith says:

    What a nice photo tribute to your host families.

  2. gunawan says:

    great family,, nice bro

  3. Wediawix says:

    Very cool !!!! But were they all your host families in France??

    • Marcos C. says:

      No, all of them hosted me while I was a Rotary Exchange Student in the United States! I am currently living alone in France, for the first time. I really wanted to see what it is like.

  4. Barbara says:

    This is fabulous! My sister and family hosted the neatest kid from Denmark, he was so interesting. I think it’s incredibly brave to leave the surrounding that you know to venture off to unknown territory! I bet you have had some wonderful experiences! Great photos!!

  5. Alan Sexton says:

    This shows class, Marcos. Pure class! Nicely done.

  6. Really enjoying your blog! Wish I could visit some of the places you’ve been to. The host families seem very nice.

  7. Arif Khan says:

    Nice…very nice..

  8. What a lovely post! Beautiful pictures!

  9. Pierotucci says:

    I never did a student exchange, but after college I had the great fortune to live with an Italian family through a series of wonderful experiences. It is something that has left me with unforgettable memories. In fact when I got married they were my home away from home and stepped right in to be sure everything was taken care properly 🙂

  10. redeyefamily says:

    Thanks for the pictures! Great post.

  11. Hatm0nster says:

    Nice Pictures. They all seem like wonderful people.

  12. Herbie says:

    Fantastic photo album. Glad you were shown a great time by your host families.

  13. Wow! I guess that really isn’t that short of a time with each host family, but they sure moved you around a lot. I remember wanting to apply for Rotary International’s exchange programs when I was younger, but was always tied down academically and financially. Awesome to hear about someone’s experiences on the program though!
    How do you like dorm living in France? You should try out living with a host family there as well. (I’m biased, I did host fam.) Two completely differences, esp. in France!

  14. jenkakio says:

    that’s awesome that you have, not only one, but five families to call “home”. Do you miss them? I know I would.

  15. stilishbabe says:

    you’re lucky! I’m jealous on your life right now! :))

  16. That’s a beautiful post – lucky families!

  17. afrocosmo says:

    Lucky you! There’s nothing as good as a wonderful family 🙂

  18. afrocosmo says:


  19. avicenna2020 says:

    This remind’s me when i lived in a host family in Italy. Thanks, good post. Be cheerful.

  20. blodge1 says:

    We used to host students from all over the world when we lived in Edinburgh and greatly enjoyed the experiences. I thought it was lovely that you have remembered your host families so kindly and put them up in a post.

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