Can’t believe this weather °F

Every morning, while eating my scrambled eggs and toast, I check what the weather is going to be like. I check not only the forecast for Bordeaux, France but also for Minneapolis, USA and Pirapora, Brazil. What I could not  this morning, is that once again is actually warmer in Minnesota right now, than it is in Bordeaux.

The Weather Forecast for Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA °F

I guess this is what people mean when they say:

You can run, but you can’t hide!

I say that because what motivated me the most to study abroad, specifficaly during the spring semester, was Minnesota’s last year’s winter; the harshest one in years. So I just assumed, and feared, that this year’s winter would be a repeat of that, and after that I just wanted to go somewhere warmer.

The Weather Forecast for Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France °F

Well, today’s weather forecast defeated the whole purpose of it. If it doesn’t get any warmer here I might as well just sell my mini-fridge and get some more wine.

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29 thoughts on “Can’t believe this weather °F

  1. Crazy isn’t it! I live in New Brunswick, Canada and it was 27 degrees C here today! There are still snowbanks but they have dimished significantly today and yesterday when it was 25 degrees C! This is also very unusual for here!

  2. Kevin says:

    I wanted to thank you for finding my blog. It gave me the chance to explore your site — and might I say, you certainly have an amazing life. Enjoy all of your travels and experiences. Cheers!

  3. Coleen says:

    That morning ritual of checking weather on four continents is an old comfort of mine, that began long before my actual living in these places. Last year I lived in Chilean Patagonia, and in the middle of my winter in June it snowed six inches in Puerto Natales and in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado on the same day!

    Glad to know someone else shares this habit.

  4. Hello!
    I hope you come to Brazil once in your life!
    I bet you’ll like it!
    See you!
    Corina Evelyn

  5. The craziness extended to Arizona, which was colder than Minneapolis, last weekend.

  6. I’m from Iowa so I get what you’re talking about. But it was warmer in Iowa this week than here in San Diego where I live now. Cheers!

  7. I know this will sound silly coming from a Californian, but it’s way warmer here than even we are used to this time of year! Today, I got a sunburn! To be fair, I’m nearly see-through so I get sun burns quite easily, but still.

    Enjoyed the blog as usual!

  8. It is a bit grim down South, isn’t it. Rain is needed but we’ll be pleased when the sun comes out again – won’t be long 🙂

  9. bimblogsa says:

    it is not exactly France, but here in KZN in South Africa, we had 600% of our annual winter rainfall this past winter, and our region is NOT a winter rainfall region!

  10. Barbara says:

    Detroit, MI was 1 degree warmer than Charleston, SC… in MARCH… crazy! But I’m not complaining! Enjoy your blog!

  11. mobius faith says:

    Yep weather has gone bezerk. Kinda fun.

  12. I have family in Minnesota and you are right they are having crazy warm weather! I was there once for Easter, and they had snow up to my waist and I’m 5’10”!

  13. We’ve also had crazy weather here in Cornwall.

  14. bagheadkelly says:

    The changing weather is one of the things that makes life interesting. Travel wouldn’t be half bad either.

  15. zurisullivan says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I can totally relate to this post; I have the weather for 5 or 6 cities on my phone (including where I actually live) and I always fantasize about going someplace warmer when the weather is bad here. I’m moving to South Africa in the fall and could have gone in the summer, but I realized I could have a six-month-long summer if I rode out the summer in the states and then left right as summer was beginning in South Africa.

  16. Virginia says:

    thanx so much for the ‘you can run but you can’t hide’ quote – LoL! it was 83 here in Virginia this week – EIGHTY THREE… egads. : )

  17. asweetdee says:

    Jeez you seem like you’ve been all over the place! So you’re currently in Bordeaux now?

  18. The winter in Minnesota is amazing comparing to the last two years. You are lucky! if you hang out by the campus in Minneapolis or by grande ave in Saint Paul, you should message me and we can meet. Thanks again for stopping by.

  19. Jess says:

    I don’t even check the weather in Makati anymore. No matter what it’s always hot! It can be clear skies and hot. Rainy and hot. Cloudy and hot! I miss my Cali weather. Hope the rain goes away in France soon!

  20. I just knew there had to be a reason for this crazy weather pattern and it turns out it is all because you left the USA and took winter with you to France. Explains so much. 🙂

  21. Ice Monster says:

    Bordeaux is simply amazing! One of my favorite places in France 🙂

  22. If it’s any consolation, it’s been in the 70’s here in the south of England all week ;-P

  23. soulmetry says:

    I live in the middle east..and I am sure that you would have packed your bags and fled if you knew how hot it is here.. today recorded 50 degrees celsius..!!! Cant wait to go on holiday when summer “begins”.. 🙂 This year is predicted to have one of the WORST summers so far .. 60 deg C and more!!! 😦

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