Couldn’t go to Legoland

I have finally arrived in Scandinavian territory, starting Phase III of my Journey.

This trip was all about NPC (Non playable characters). Simply because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten from Point A: Ahrensburg to Point B: Odense SV.

I left Ahrensburg with Philipp, where he helped me find my ride from the Mitchhahrhjcuirehfueh website ( actually). And when we did, I said goodbye to him for the third time this year, and hopped in the car, to head north.

The plan was to get dropped off in Flensburg, the border city of Germany with Denmark, where Malou Rohde Trup would pick me up. Half way there I used a girls phone to text Malou just to find out there is a change of plans, she can’t pick me up and I’d have to take the train on my own. Alright, sounds good. But, how am I supposed to pay for that? I don’t have any Danish Kroner, so again I need to call Malou so she can help me figure that one out. At the end of the day I finally arrived in Odense and got picked up by Malou. The city of Odense is the third largest city in Denmark, and is the main city of the island of Funen.

Phoenix reunited after just a few months. I stayed with Malou for a week. I met her loving family, hung out with her crazy friends, burned old witches at the stake, had various flavors of Sumersbee, cleaned the house for sale, watched Les Mis over and over again, and last but not least; I saw the Scandinavian graduation hats for the first time, and fell in love with them.

What surprised me the most is that everyone in Denmark seems to speak English, from the little kids riding their bikes, to the grandparents feeding the ducks at the lake. So, it would be a hard job to get lost in this tiny country. A week later, Malou started preparing to go camping, and I had to leave for the Rotex Convention. Not without stopping in Ahrensburg again.

Thank you so so much for having me Malou, I missed you and it was fantastic seeing you. Love, Phoenix.

  • PS: I never actually went to LEGOLAND, that is just a term of endearment for Denmark
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9 thoughts on “Couldn’t go to Legoland

  1. I have just found you. I admire your spirit of adventure and it’s a great journey you’re having. x

  2. Lol! I thought you really went to Legoland 😀

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