Couldn’t miss Mika’s concert

After opening the show with the song Grace Kelly, Mika began telling us how much he loved the piano on this stage. He said he even dressed up just for us and put on a bow-tie especially for his fans in Minneapolis.

And I put one just for you, Mika! – I yelled from near stage.

Look at that – Mika said back to me – and you have the suspenders. You look like one of these guys on stage. I’ll have to put you up here with two maracas so you can help me!

My heart just melted right there. At the end of his performance he mentioned his bow-tie again, and looked directly at me. He made my legs feel like jelly, what an amazing live performer.

I couldn’t stay for the autograph session after the concert. But before leaving the Varsity Theater I asked one of the ladies helping taking down the stage if she could give Mika my bow-tie, and my Rotary card. I hope he got it.

Here is a little taste of his work:

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8 thoughts on “Couldn’t miss Mika’s concert

  1. Nice blog! I think I need to brush up on the Spanish (I think that was Spanish, I also thought I saw French, hmmm…)

    • Marcos C. says:

      Haha Thanks anyway, and yeah, I write in spanish and french sometimes. Can you speak it?

      • I used to be able to speak Italian, but sadly, no more. And as I live in California, I sometimes think I can understand it! The Italian certainly helps. I envy that you’re truly multi-lingual.

      • Marcos C. says:

        I so want to learn Italian, but I feel like I would start to get all my languages confused. Was it difficult though?

      • I loved Italian, but I bet for you it would really be very easy to learn. You should learn! Then you can be quadra-lingual! hahaha! I hear Japanese is very similar to Korean so I’ve been thinking about learning Japanese too but we will see. I think before I do that, I should learn Chinese. So many grand plans…

  2. windhound says:

    Thanks for this, Mika always always manages to make me feel even more enthusiastic about life. You also sound like you are bringing life to life in all your travels and encounters. So many amazing people in the world.

  3. Emilia says:

    That sounds absolutely amazing! I love Mika, it’s cool to hear he’s a good performer. Definitely hope he got the bow-tie 🙂

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