Gloomy town, shiny people


Dear Rotarians,

I realize that my last letter was a bit gloomy. I’m starting to bland in with the weather here. So let’s try again!

Since volunteering with the refugees, I’ve had to focus more on school, on my French, on my readings, and on my theoritical learning. This is after all what I came here to do.

However, I’ve also had the chance to visit my the Bruxelles Millenium Rotary Club, to participate in their fundraiser, and to attend the District 2170 Convention.

They do things a bit differently here. My club meets every monday night at 7pm. They serve dinner every other week and they never have speakers. The entire meetings are reserved for planning of events and/or talking about things I don’t understand. They are all very posh and drink lots of wine. The more I drink, the more I understand them. Sometimes the meetings go until 10pm, but like I mentioned, there is wine, so I really can’t complain.

I have also met Rotary Exchange Students and Rotaract during my time here. That is always fun. People are very nice. I get called Carlos every week. So, I guess things are not that different from the U.S.

Speaking of which, I recently got my tickets for the holidays. I will be flying to Montreal for Christmas, driving to Minneapolis after New Years and flying back in January. Because I know I won’t be able to study anything over winter break I need to plow through these books. In order to turn in all my papers before I fly out, I have challenged myself to write 750 words everyday. It should not be too difficult, but it won’t be easy.

It’s the truth, but it’s not quite fair to all concerned. Just ask my social life.


Since September, I’ve had 2 former Rotary Exchange Students to Minnesota come visit me. Chloé from France, and Philipp from Germany who were in Buffalo and Inver Grove respectively. I hadn’t seen them since 2012, but we were picked up where we left off.

I have met two former Rotary Exchange Students in my University, Yasmin from Brazil and Molly from the US. There are about 200 students in my school, so what are the chances? And I also ran into two other former Rotary Students I already knew, Fernando from Brazil and Anika from Germany. This really is the heart of Europe.

PS: I really should have checked the weather before I came here in September. I brought 6 pairs of shorts that I have never worn.


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