Imminent threat


Dear Rotarians,

I haven’t left the house in over 72 hours by now. Part of it is because Brussels remains under highest terror alert, but mostly because of the hailstorms this weekend and because I’m writing my dissertations.

The warnings of ‘imminent threat’ caused schools to be closed, and the metro to shut down. Nothing scares me more than a guy in uniform with an automatic weapon in the middle of the street. There have been raids and a shooting this weekend – still unsure if related or not. People here are scared, but we think the authorities are overreacting. We can’t hide forever, specially when we don’t know from whom we are hiding.

It is hard to fight an ideology, and even harder to know if you’ve been successful. We are told to be cautious, avoid big groups, stay away from windows and only go out if necessary. No one talks about anything else besides the imminent threat. Everytime someone leaves the house we want to know what they’ve seen, what they know, what it’s like out there. People are mostly unsure of what’s going on and when things are gonna go back to normal. But we all agree that it’s nonsense to blame this on refugees. The fact that people are drawing that connection confuses me more than anything else.

For the past couple nights we’ve waited until the night time announcements by authorities to see if we’d have class or not. And we are all following online feeds to get the latest updates. The threat level in Brussels will be maintained at 4 throughout the week but schools ‘will progressively re-open as of Wednesday’ and so will the metro.

Until then, stay safe.


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4 thoughts on “Imminent threat

  1. I wish all those who befriended me in Brussels last year, to remain aware and remain safe. That hardly means you should become reclusive, which, after all, is exactly what IS wants.

  2. Ocean Bream says:

    Oh, goodness. It all sounds like the deep breath before a plunge, as Gandalf the Grey is wont to say. Please stay safe, i wish you well.

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