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Tengo un mapa que me lleva a otro país


Querido lector,

Aunque se supone que este trabajo te habla sobre todas las ventajas de ser bilingüe en el mundo globalizado de hoy, si no sabes ni la importancia, ni el valor de este atributo, puedes parar de leerlo justo ahora. En mi artículo no voy a tratar de convencerlo de las ventajas de saber más de una lengua. Voy a suponer que entiendes y estás de acuerdo conmigo y con mi actitud positiva hacia los idiomas y la diversidad de culturas.

Mis hijos serán educados, y estarán rodeados, por una cultura global. En mi casa, quiero tener presente las raíces y tradiciones de Brasil. El hecho de que mis hijos hablen mi lengua maternal a la perfección y que conozcan y practiquen las costumbres brasileñas. Soy consciente de que estos son de los mejores legados que les puedo dejar a mis hijos. Pero sé también que no será fácil, en la realidad esta hazaña requerirá mucho de mi tiempo y energía. Pero quiero que sepan de dónde vienen, quienes son, y además de sentirse orgullosos de ser brasileños, contarán con una herramienta bicultural para desarrollarse en el futuro.

No basta ser bilingüe o multilingüe, aparte del idioma, la educación en otra cultura también es esencial. Ciudadanos multiculturales de alma presentan una mayor disposición a conectar con otras culturas. Todos mis amigos hablan al menos otro idioma, compartimos el gusto por el aprendizaje de diferentes lenguas. Son jóvenes que decidieron cambiar sus vidas y dejar sus zonas de conforto, y así fueron a vivir a otro país. Son jóvenes que así como yo, toman riesgos, rompen las barreras para jugar un juego a la altura de sus sueños multiculturales. Están dispuestos a enfrentar desafíos para crear una vida que amen, como embajadores mundiales de buena voluntad y comprensión. Es por eso que mantengo a mis amigos cerca, pues valoran mis orígenes, y siempre estamos aprendiendo unos de otros. Ser multilingüe y multicultural es una parte muy importante de mi vida. Es una pieza que ilumina mi camino, que constantemente me presenta nuevas oportunidades, define mis intereses y objetivos, y me llena de alegría.

Hoy en día, una comprensión global es casi un requisito previo. Creo que si alguien no tiene ni la paciencia ni el interés en aprender sobre otras culturas o una lengua extranjera, probablemente no tienen mucho que añadir en mi vida. No soy elitista, de ninguna manera, pero me siento optimista de que actualmente, todos tengamos la misma oportunidad de ser bilingües y ciudadanos del mundo. Las herramientas están disponibles para aquellos que las quieran usar, y déjame decirte que vale la pena.


Marcos Carvalho

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Couldn’t miss Mika’s concert

After opening the show with the song Grace Kelly, Mika began telling us how much he loved the piano on this stage. He said he even dressed up just for us and put on a bow-tie especially for his fans in Minneapolis.

And I put one just for you, Mika! – I yelled from near stage.

Look at that – Mika said back to me – and you have the suspenders. You look like one of these guys on stage. I’ll have to put you up here with two maracas so you can help me!

My heart just melted right there. At the end of his performance he mentioned his bow-tie again, and looked directly at me. He made my legs feel like jelly, what an amazing live performer.

I couldn’t stay for the autograph session after the concert. But before leaving the Varsity Theater I asked one of the ladies helping taking down the stage if she could give Mika my bow-tie, and my Rotary card. I hope he got it.

Here is a little taste of his work:

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Can’t believe I’m going to Africa


It’s a good day to be in America,

Acabei de receber minha carta de aceitação.
Je vais étudier à l’étranger le semestre prochain. En Août, je me déplace au Sénégal. Il sera incroyable.
Fall of 2013 I’ll be exploring the complexities created by issues such as environment, globalization, public health and social justice in Senegal, with the Minnesota Studies in International Development program.
Me deseje sorte nessa proxima aventura, mal posso esperar pra chegar na Africa Ocidental.

So, stay tuned. More news to come in the next months.

Um Brasileiro pra lá de feliz!
Marcos Carvalho

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Can’t hitchhike to Paris

Well, school is over, I’m done with DEFLE, I left my apartment exactly a week ago and for the past week I have been hiding in a Rotarian’s attic. And now, finally, it is time to leave the nest and throw myself into the world once again.

At first I didn’t think I was gonna do it alone, I had plans to travel in groups or with friends, but not everything works how we want it to. Once again, I’ll get 2 months to travel by myself, visit some friends, meet new people, discover new cities and countries where I don’t speak a bit of the language. This would be terrifying, but after being in Athens, and hearing greek for the first time, nothing else scares me.

Packing and leaving Bordeaux wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I did make great friends there, Rotary exchange students, Rotex, DEFLE students, and of course, some French people. but I have gotten pretty used to the idea of leaving, and like the title says; Sorry, I can’t stay long. That along with the idea of what lays ahead of me this summer just thrills me. I was so excited, but so excited, that I decided to leave the Aquitaine hitchhiking.

Hitchhiking aint easy in Europe, not because it is dangerous, it’s not! I mean, I’m from South America for crying out loud, I did a 1000km in two days with a backpack in my back and no fear in my heart. The problem here is that no one stops for you. As I have learned earlier, the french are just not as welcoming, caring and helping as the South Americans. Of course I am generalizing, which is unfair, but I feel like that is one of the main cultural differences between us Brazilians and the French. But today I did have 7 awesome french people that helped me immensely on my 1st day of traveling.

The first one of them is Christine Schieber; the Rotarian that hosted me for this past week. The last one is Thierry Chappe; the french with whom I’m Couch Surfing tonight in Paris. In between I have these 5 awesome french that picked me up on the road and drove me for 607 KM today.

So this is how it went:

  • At 8:10 I left the house in Talance
  • At 9:30 Lift my thumb for the first time this morning
  • At 10:00-10:10 My first ride drove me from Bordeaux to Carbon Blanc (10,6 km)
  • At 13:00-13:50 Second one and hardest to get; Carbon Blanc – Saintes (107 km)
  • At 14:40-14:50 Third one; Saintes – St Jean Angely (27,3 km)
  • At 15:15-15:25 The fourth one took me to main important spot at A10; St Jean Angely – Niort (49,3 km)
  • At 15:50-19:50 Last and most important, 5th driver took me from Niort all the way to Paris (413 km)
  • At 20:50 I Arrived at Couch Surfer’s house. WIN!

Rough day? Pff, YES! At some points I didn’t think I was gonna make it to Paris, or even leave my second city. Other times I even had it figured out in my mind my possible sleeping places, because I thought no one would pick me up. But here I am, in Paris for the night, enjoying my cup of tea and admiring the Eiffel Tower. Tomorrow I’m going to Troyes, to see Chloe Soto-Mayor after an entire year, this time I’m taking a train.

PS: 2/5 drivers that picked me up on the A10 road said they only stopped because I had my Brazilian flag out. One was married to a brazilian, the other one had been in Brazil just last week.

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