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Can’t hate die Kartoffeln – Part 3

The carpooling driver from Denmark to Germany was of African origin, native French/English speaker who lives in Germany but works in Denmark, so that was a pretty interesting ride for me, so when the pouring rain slowed us down, I didn’t really mind.

I just got dropped off at this weird train station in Hamburg, not too long until Philipp shows up, wearing the same clothes as when I said goodbye a week before. I think he just didn’t want me to get confused, that way I would find him more easily.

I thought I had liked Germany the first time I came. But, man, I didn’t think it could get any better.

The weather was nicer, clubs were hotter, parties were cooler, people were more attractive, I was more excited and phoenix were flying higher! Life just keeps getting better and better!!!

If these few days here served for any good, it was to prepare myself for the First Rotex International Convention that will happen next weekend. I don’t think I am ready for that yet.

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Je ne peux pas vivre par ces commandements


Ce sont les 10 commandements et plus afin d’avoir une année couronnée de succès, ou non!

– Tu sortiras tous les soirs

– Tu ne parleras pas anglais quand les professeures t’ecouteront

– Tu piqueniqueras tous les Dimanche

– Tu boiras du Bordeaux

– Tu n’iras pas en cours trop ivre

– Tu manqueras les cours et tu diras que tu étais malade

– Tu feras tes devoirs le soir au dernier moment

– Tu adoreras les Google Translators comme un dieu

– Tu ne reviseras rien aprés le cours

– Tu oublieras toujours les jous des examens

– Tu passeras les examen à la fin du semestre

– Tu partiras en vacances le soir aprés le dernier cours

  • Photo: Piqui-nique
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Can’t compare

21 days and counting. I have been in France for 3 weeks now and I still get mixed feelings about it.

It is impossible to compare this with my year as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Before I left Brazil, I actually thought this would be easier than going abroad two and a half years ago.  This is not as intense, it is just a lot harder and different. When I first went to the United States, I already knew enough english to get around; I could communicate with others and express myself however I wanted to. Now, in Bordeaux, I can barely introduce myself in french and carrying a conversation is out of the question. The fact that I haven’t learned a language since Middle School doesn’t help either, I learned english and spanish as I was growing up, and later it was just a matter of improving those skills.

French is what I came here to learn, so I’ll work on it, I’m not scared. When I first arrived in Bordeaux, I took tests and had interviews that measured my ability to write, read, listen and speak the language. I got placed on the second level for beginners, which isn’t bad, considering I’ve only had one semester of french. So I am right where I should be.

  • Post’s Photo: My first essay in french. Embarrassing? Maybe, but definitely memorable.
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